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A. We move portable items like chairs, tables, lounge suites, and beds on casters. We don’t move wall units, or anything with breakable items in or on it, and we can’t move electronic equipment. You must clear the floor of any small items, like pot plants, books or toys, and the carpet should be recently vacuumed pending on the service you have selected.
A. Our technicians are highly trained professionals. They use a special range of cleaning solutions. However, some stains may have set, which means they could be permanent. So we can’t guarantee to remove every stain.
A.No. Not with our Steam cleaning System; But other inadequate cleaning systems tend to over wet the carpets due to poor extraction equipment thus possibly causing shrinkage and damage to your carpet.
A. We guarantee to clean your carpet to Australian Standard 3733. We guarantee not to damage your carpet and clean the carpet to the best possible condition defined by the service package.
A. Dust mites live on dead skin and require warm, damp conditions to survive. They are found in carpets when the right conditions are present ie. poorly maintained dusty carpets and mattresses. Hot Steam Extraction accompanied with Dust Mite Treatment will remove the infestation present.
A. Hot Steam Extraction; the carpet pending on carpet composition takes approximately 1-3 hours to dry; we do offer extra service speed drying where the carpet will be buffed dried to absorb any moisture left in the carpet leaving the carpet dry to walk on.
A. Before we commence treatment you should lets us know if anyone in the house has any Health Concerns that should be addressed. The technician will endeavor to question you on inspection regards health issues and alternatives in pest treatments in required,
A. Usually two weeks; allowing time for the pest to come into contact with the applied treatments. After the initial two weeks please do call & inform us of the concern, for immediate attention.
A. No! We don’t use product in a manner that will cause ill treatment to your pets. We will advise you on the precautions to take if alternative treatments can not be implemented.

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